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He said I could run, so I did.

Thankfully my x-ray results showed that the stress fractures had not advanced to full fractures, so my doctor said he would let me try putting on my sneakers and running “some.”  Mind you, he wasn’t really clear on how far “some” was, so I thought it was open to interpretation.  I had been wearing the CAM boot about 7, 8 weeks, and when the injury happened I was only a few weeks into the half marathon training, so I knew I was going to be a bit behind.  I had been following the training anyway, but instead of running I was doing the recommended distances on the elliptical at the gym.  As it happens, the distance scheduled for the day after I got the okay to run was a 12-miler (the half marathon is only a week out).  Saturday morning was beautiful, so I gingerly laced up my Brooks (my bursitis in the foot still is acting up .. the injection provided relief for one stinking day) and headed to a long path I had not run before.  Well, I did the 12 miles, run/walking.  I know my fear of stepping on the foot really impaired my running, and I’m sure I probably looked like a waddling duck.  I ran on the grass some of the time for cushioning, but I did it.  It hurt, but not as bad as I thought it would.  I was really, really slow, but at least I wasn’t too bad on my breathing, which was a big fear.

Fast forward to the next morning (rest day) … WHAT is that pain in my legs … that part where your legs connect to your body.  That part on Barbie dolls where you can pull off the legs.  It felt like I had never moved them before!  Next day, 3+ miles and that pain is still there!  I’m pretty sure I now know that using an elliptical is no substitute for running.  Going to have to do some mighty stretching and foam rolling to try to work this out.

I leave Friday for my sister’s house in Virginia, and then Sunday is the half marathon in Virginia Beach.  Although my time will probably be about 45 minutes slower than originally planned, just finishing (upright) will be an accomplishment.  And celebrating with my sister is the best victory.


Finishing = Winning

Thanks Runners World, I needed that!

Doctor Appointment Today!!


This afternoon is my first follow up since my doctor told me I had the stress fractures and bursitis in my foot.  My hope was that he was going to say I was looking good and I could resume training for the half marathon.  My reality is that I think he is going to say I have to keep wearing my darn boot.  I honestly don’t see how one is supposed to heal — life doesn’t stop when you are injured.  Probably traipsing around Manhattan all weekend looking at apartments with my daughter didn’t help, but most things in my life right now can’t be put on hold.  I want to enjoy summer with my girls before they both leave in a few weeks.

At this point I am willing to negotiate with my doctor — I will give up the Color Run in 12 days but still do the half marathon on September 1.  If he doesn’t go for it, I may have to use my secret weapon – tears.

So maybe I haven’t always loved running.

In fact, I have only been running a little over a year.  It all started after a yearly physical where the scales were tipped at a weight I never in my life thought I would see.  Then, as luck would have it, I overheard two of my sisters-in-law talking about the C25K program, and I was intrigued.  I did the research, loaded my Ipod, and out the door I went.  Lo and behold, I jogged according to the program and made it!  Nine weeks (or so) later, with my clothes fitting a little loosely, I had graduated from the program, and was on my own.

This is me before I started C25K, after running up Rocky’s stairs in Philadelphia.Image