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Doctor Appointment Today!!


This afternoon is my first follow up since my doctor told me I had the stress fractures and bursitis in my foot.  My hope was that he was going to say I was looking good and I could resume training for the half marathon.  My reality is that I think he is going to say I have to keep wearing my darn boot.  I honestly don’t see how one is supposed to heal — life doesn’t stop when you are injured.  Probably traipsing around Manhattan all weekend looking at apartments with my daughter didn’t help, but most things in my life right now can’t be put on hold.  I want to enjoy summer with my girls before they both leave in a few weeks.

At this point I am willing to negotiate with my doctor — I will give up the Color Run in 12 days but still do the half marathon on September 1.  If he doesn’t go for it, I may have to use my secret weapon – tears.


Even at my age, sometimes patience is a four letter word.

I have to admit, I thought this was going to be a wonderful summer.  My oldest daughter was fulfilling her dream and moving to Seoul, South Korea.  She was accepted to teach English at her first choice school, and expected to leave mid-July.  Due to multiple snags, glitches and being at the mercy of not one but two governments, her papers still are being processed and home she waits.  Needless to say her spirits are sagging and patience is just about non-existent.

My next and youngest daughter left college in NYC in the spring with the plan that for this school year (which begins in 3 1/2 weeks) she would find an apartment with three of her friends (all of whom live in surrounding boroughs to NYC).  As time passes, there is talk that the friends might just commute from home to school, which is impossible for my daughter.  This is not definitive, but how patient can you be when you are talking about possibly not having a living space?  Her nerves are just about rattled.

For me, today is exactly one month before the Rock ‘n Roll Half Marathon in Virginia Beach, my first-ever half marathon and the beginning of my year-long 50th birthday celebration.  Unfortunately, I am still in my CAM boot nursing stress fractures and bursitis, and haven’t been able to train for over a month.  It goes without saying that due to my injuries, my family hasn’t been able to do many of the fun family outings that we had planned.  It’s easy to feel like a bad mom, still, even when your kids are grown, when you can’t do anything to help them with their situations, and you can’t even follow through on promises you made.

I consider myself a very patient person, but this summer is really testing me!