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Doctor Appointment Today!!


This afternoon is my first follow up since my doctor told me I had the stress fractures and bursitis in my foot.  My hope was that he was going to say I was looking good and I could resume training for the half marathon.  My reality is that I think he is going to say I have to keep wearing my darn boot.  I honestly don’t see how one is supposed to heal — life doesn’t stop when you are injured.  Probably traipsing around Manhattan all weekend looking at apartments with my daughter didn’t help, but most things in my life right now can’t be put on hold.  I want to enjoy summer with my girls before they both leave in a few weeks.

At this point I am willing to negotiate with my doctor — I will give up the Color Run in 12 days but still do the half marathon on September 1.  If he doesn’t go for it, I may have to use my secret weapon – tears.