I took my hero on my racecation to Fairfield, Connecticut

Maybe I’m an old soul, but I love riding the Amtrak by myself. It’s a chance to daydream, read, nap — really anything I don’t get to do at home because I’m distracted by all my responsibilities. It just seemed a perfect way to travel to my racecation in Fairfield, Connecticut.

perfect way to pass the time

This is my hero. I read her entire book cover to cover. What an incredible life Katherine Switzer led and continues to lead. One of my favorite excerpts reads:

… it was an exciting world, where I could be both feminine and strong, determined and dreaming, methodical and daring, and at the same time live up to my family’s expectation of my improving a situation for the next generation.

She was truly all that, and more. She had her hand in so many of the advances of women’s running, and I admire her determination and thank her for not giving up. She is so much more than “the first woman to register and run the Boston Marathon”. But she is that too!

Back in Fairfield, I met my sister at the Fairfield station and we were off to our hotel, the Fairfield Inn at the Circle.  You can find my review of the Inn on Tripadvisor.


too bad it was unseasonably cool!

My sister ran the Faxon Law Group 5k on Saturday, and my daughter came in from New York City to run the half marathon with me on Sunday.   You can find my race review at http://www.bibrave.com/races/faxon-law-group-fairfield-half-marathon-5k#.VZG7HXD3arU


setting up the post race party on Jennings Beach


start line for the 5k


after the half marathon


finisher medal

I can’t say enough how spectacular the people of Fairfield were. Here we were tying up their streets and tossing cups in front of their beautiful homes, yet they were out there in not so great weather with drinks, snacks and signs, cheering us through. 


this guy was real and we scared each other!


most of the fire hydrants are painted like this


a little confusing when both are lit, so we ran

We also got to see some of the center of town when we went to the station, and if the weather had been better I would have been exploring. 

I hope I can go back to Fairfield someday. The only negative was the taxi drivers although I think they were from Bridgeport. They were nasty!  They made it seem like we were really putting them out!

So half marathon 10/100, state 8/50 is in the books. Thank you Fairfield!  And now the return ride home.

see the country


3 responses to “I took my hero on my racecation to Fairfield, Connecticut

  1. I love to ride the train or bus by myself. She’s my hero too. Looks like a great place to run. I’ll have to put it on my list.

  2. Man, I’m sorry Im so behind on my blog reading because I ran this race (3rd year in a row) and didn’t know you were there too. I’m glad you had a good experience.

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