I Love Lucy, and my doctor thinks I’m nuts.

Yesterday was Lucille Ball’s birthday.  I can’t explain why I am so crazy about her.  Her facial expressions, her eyes, her voice, her physical comedy.  The way she rocked those dresses and capri pants.  Because she is from Jamestown, NY (not too far from Buffalo).  Because when I was so sick during my second pregnancy, my oldest daughter would lie with me and we would watch Lucy on TV Land all day.  Lucy inspires me.  I can’t wait to race in the first ever Lucy Town Half Marathon in Jamestown this October.

Lucy Town

Which leads me to my recent doctor appointment.  Such a nice, young man, too afraid now to tell me I can’t (or shouldn’t) be doing the Rock ‘n Roll Virginia Beach Half Marathon on September 1.  Instead, I am to wear my boot for two more weeks, and then go back for a cortisone shot.  When I tell him I am not concerned about doing the half marathon, because I will do the half marathon, he says he knows, because I am very “driven.”  As I look at his face when he says that though, I think what he means to say is that I am a crazy old lady.

But in a few weeks I will be a crazy old lady who finished her first half marathon.


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