Mother Runner!

By this time I had lost some weight and gained some confidence.  Once I decided to start looking for races outside the Buffalo area, I also thought it would be fun to recruit loved ones to accompany me.  Whether they ran, walked, or spectated, how great to have family to celebrate with at the finish line!

My first subject was my youngest daughter Morgan, who does run for exercise and who happened to be on spring break from college in New York City at the time of the Around the Bay 5k race in Burlington, Ontario.  We  drove up the night before and took in the expo. That’s where I saw for the first time one of my favorite running apparel stores:

Love their slogans and styles!

It was a chilly, hilly race, but we made it!

After all those 5k’s, I was ready to move on to a longer distance.  At the expo in Burlington, I found out about the Chocolate Race in St. Catharine’s, Ontario.  I figured I was ready for a 10k, but my running daughter Morgan would still be in school.  I knew my oldest daughter, Ashley, would be home, having graduated from college, but she had not run in quite a while due to injuries.  The word chocolate does have magical power over her, though, so she agreed to the race.  Again, it was a cold, windy day running along the lake, but we both made it and enjoyed all the chocolate treats at the end!  It was a great way to spend Mother’s Day.


It was great running with my girls, but I knew their schedules would not permit them to travel to races with me.  Time to contemplate my next move!


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